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If you own a small business in Adelaide or around the world, more than likely you have a presence online. It may be a website, a facebook page, or maybe you even have a video online promoting your business.


When you first start thinking about finding someone to help you get better performance out of your website, you need to do a bit of research first. 

Your first thought may be to find a good web designer. In most cases web designers are great at web design, but not necessarily will they no how to get the best performance out of your web properties.

For this type of work you should be looking for an SEO professional who knows how to market your business correctly online, and importantly know how to rank your website online.

The best place to start is in Google. For example if you live in Adelaide, South Australia, you would go to Google.com.au, and type in "SEO Adelaide" or "Adelaide SEO Company" or similar.

A general rule of thumb is that if they are really good at SEO, the business should rank its own website on the page 1 of Google. These businesses are therefore putting there money where their mouth is.

Ask them for results: You SEO company should be able to show you results of other clients success. If they can't or wont, a red flag should go up. Importantly they should be able to show you current performance and rankings. Google make changes to their search almost daily, and a good SEO company should be absolutely up to date on new changes.

There are many more steps in the process, but this will give you a good start in finding a good SEO company or even a good web design company who does SEO.